Dead By Daylight: Will You Escape Death?

The evil entity awakens in this horror online multiplayer game, Dead By Daylight.

VRChat is showing us The Way

“Do you know the way?” If you’ve played VRChat for at least 10 minutes this year, I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase more than once. But why?

Square Enix Releases Trailers For All 16 of Final Fantasy XV Pre Order DLC

Below is every piece of pre order DLC you can get, along with the youtube links for the trailers Travel Pack – “See the world in style with this set of gear to go, replete with all the globetrotting essentials,” reads the video’s description. Angler Set – included for both Sony and Microsoft versions as well as the Ultimate Edition. Take this handy tackle box to the fishing holes around Eos,...[Read More]

Bus Driver In Osaka Caught Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go isn’t as popular as it was when first released but people are still playing it.  A bus driver in Osaka was caught playing Pokemon Go while driver a bus, the Ryobi Group has since apologized for the bus drivers actions. A video of the incident is below. Don’t Pokemon and drive

Watch 12 Minutes of Game Play For Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft has released a 12 minute playthrough of the different ways you can play through Ghost Recon: Wildlands.   Check out the video below

Is YouTube Taking Censorship Too Far?

Is YouTube going too far with their new censorship policy?   As talked about in the below YouTuber mcjuggernuggets talks about YouTube demonetizing 3 of his YouTube videos just after the policy change.  They demonetized one video that had over 10 million views and even the Phsyco Series Finale video with over 5 million views.  I can understand that businesses wouldn’t want their adverti...[Read More]

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