Is YouTube Taking Censorship Too Far?

Is YouTube going too far with their new censorship policy?   As talked about in the below YouTuber mcjuggernuggets talks about YouTube demonetizing 3 of his YouTube videos just after the policy change.  They demonetized one video that had over 10 million views and even the Phsyco Series Finale video with over 5 million views.  I can understand that businesses wouldn’t want their adverti...[Read More]

What We Expect at E3

  We all know E3 is the biggest day for all gamers. It’s what makes us look forward to the coming months ahead. When we talk about E3 2016, there isn’t much hype for games. We believe there will be tons of remakes. With a new DLC being released by Activision prior to E3 for a game, it’s obvious there isn’t much to be excited for. However, it sounds like all three major...[Read More]

The Dark Souls of Everything (PBS Digital Studios)

The Dark Souls of everything. Dark souls is the dark souls of dark souls. And Zelda is the Dark souls of gaming. Just watch this video – and you’re about to have your mind blown in the first 2 seconds. Promise. You Died.

Is Blizzard Ripping Off It’s Customer Base with Overwatch?

Video by: Lightbringer Serenos There’s a growing trend in the video game industry today where developers are releasing unfinished products and charging consumers extra money for stuff that should be included in the game whether it’s dlc that’s already on disc, games plagued with microtransactions, season passes that include what is essentially the rest of the game, or game being ...[Read More]

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