SEGA and Two Point Enlightening through Tweets

Sega is turning heads with this mysterious tweet from earlier today:

Playstation Plus January Reveals

Sony has announced the upcoming Playstation Plus games and PS4 owners are in for a treat this month with another AAA game in the form of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided the follow up to 2011’s Human Revolution. Also avalible for PS4 owners is the First season of TellTale Batman.  Rounding out the line up for the Vita (crossbuy)  we have Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness which is an anime visual nove...[Read More]

PUBG Xbox One Patch #2

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a new patch out for the Xbox One, the details are below.   PUBG Xbox One Update #2 Patch Notes Optimization Continued performance optimizations In-game The tuning range for the general sensitivity option has been expanded Weapon recoil reduced across the board (Xbox Only) Team UI will now correctly display voice chat status Additional Localization updates Bug...[Read More]

Injustice 2 Tournament Info

Greetings Social Gamer Pad Members, We are in the process of setting up a bracketed tournament for both PS4 and Xbox One players post launch. If you want in, come post your gamer tags or PSN ids on the sign-up page located in the linked group. More details will be announced in the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gamerpad/

Making A Switch To The Future

As many have already heard, Nintendo has finally released all those juicy details on their new system, The Nintendo Switch. The switch is a tablet-like system that you can carry on the go, as well as plug into its dock in order to play it as a home console. It’s said to take a feature from every previous Nintendo system and combine it into one, powerful console.They’ve announced that although onli...[Read More]

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Announced

The rumors were flying earlier this year about a possible remastered Bulletstorm, we’ll at the 2016 Game Awards Gearbox showed off a new trailer to announce the remastered game. The game will now be developed by Gearbox and this is what was said in the trailer below along with the new trailer. Duke Nukem is also now a playable character as well. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition brings the crit...[Read More]

Playstation Black Friday Sales

Sony’s Black Friday sales have went live and you can find them below   To sweeten the pot Sony has also added a promo code that can be used for an extra 10% off your total purchase   Prices shown below are PS Plus prices and may differ from non PS Plus member prices PS4 Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy $14.99 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate $14.99 Assassin’s Creed S...[Read More]

Skate 3 Is Finally Backwards Compatible

EA has added Skate 3 to the backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One.  EA has also made the San Van Party Pack available for free until November 20th.  Along with the addition of Skate 3 EA has added Mass Effect trilogy to the EA Access Vault.  So what are you waiting for, grab your skateboards and do some tricks.

Sony To Release A New PS4 Green Camo DualShock 4

Sony has announced they are releasing a new controller to the Dualshock family, the Green Camo DualShock 4.  It’ll also have the new front facing light bar feature.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies In Spaceland Take’s You Back To The 80’s

ZOMBIES OVERVIEW Zombies in Spaceland transports you back in time to a 1980s amusement park complete with wild attractions, an awesome arcade, and a funky, functioning rollercoaster. In this all-new zombies co-op experience, new gameplay bring brand-new team mechanics, the After Life Arcade, and Fate & Fortune Cards into the mix. And, of course, there’s a rad 80s soundtrack. Fan-favorite...[Read More]

Taco Bell PS4 VR Giveaway Starts Today and You Can Win For FREE

As you probably have noticed, Taco Bell has been advertising their contest for the Playstation VR if you buy a $5 box and enter the code for a chance to win.   What you may not know is that you can enter codes for free each day until October 19th 2017.  Here’s how below.   Starting today, Taco Bell is giving away a free online code, which is good for one entry per day. Here’s...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Disc/Digital Copy is Required to Play Modern Warfare Remastered

Were you one of those people hoping to not have to keep a hold of your Infinite Warfare disc?  I’m afraid we have some bad news.   You will need to have the disc in your system in order to play Modern Warfare Remastered and of course if you own it digitally then you are ok.   There is no word on if Modern Warfare Remastered will ever be sold separately so for now make sure you hold...[Read More]

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