Is Tekken Dead… or will Tekken 7 Revive The Series?

Tekken 7 – Can The Fighting Series Make A Comeback? Tekken has been absent consoles for years, but a new iteration is in arcades and confirmed for PS4 so far. Find out what’s new. See the original video at:

Cavs vs. Warriors Game 1 & 2 on NBA 2K16

Ben and Ken went at it – Guess who won this game?  

The Banhammer is Coming For Overwatch Players Everywhere!

Blizzard said they were going to do it. Banning overwatch players. All over the place people are losing their accounts for cheating at Overwatch. If you cheat you will get banned.   Is there no justice for cheaters!? Screenshot by /u/gibkeeg.

Is Blizzard Ripping Off It’s Customer Base with Overwatch?

Video by: Lightbringer Serenos There’s a growing trend in the video game industry today where developers are releasing unfinished products and charging consumers extra money for stuff that should be included in the game whether it’s dlc that’s already on disc, games plagued with microtransactions, season passes that include what is essentially the rest of the game, or game being ...[Read More]

Complete Playthrough of Deadpool the Game

This is a complete playthrough with our own Benjamin Tebbens!! Enjoy!

Free Games for June 2016 Playstation + Revealed

Gamers on Playstation with a Playstation + Membership can now benefit from having new free games this month!   Full lineup: NBA 2K16, PS4 Gone Home: Console Edition, PS4 Echochrome, PS3 Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12), PS3 God of War: Chains of Olympus, PS Vita Little Deviants, PS Vita For more details, head over to the offiical Playstation Blog!   What are your thoughts on this lineu...[Read More]

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