Sony To Release A New PS4 Green Camo DualShock 4

Sony has announced they are releasing a new controller to the Dualshock family, the Green Camo DualShock 4.  It’ll also have the new front facing light bar feature.

(Update) Nintendo Ended Production on The Wii U (Sad News)

(Update) A Nintendo rep has come out to say the following “There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production,” a Nintendo spokesperson told the Japanese website IT Media(translation by Kotaku). The spokesperson also admitted that he or she doesn’t know the specifics of Eurogamer’s article, simply stating that the report on ending the production of the Wii U “was not true.”   It’s ...[Read More]

The NES Is Back!

The NES retro system will release November 11th for $59.99 and Nintendo will be having a launch party as well. On the night of Nov. 10, fans who visit the Nintendo NY store in Rockefeller Plaza will have a blast in the past with an ’80s-themed launch event. On launch weekend (Nov. 11-13), Nintendo is also bringing back its righteously nostalgic Power Line for three days only. On Nov. 10 and Nov. 1...[Read More]

Taco Bell PS4 VR Giveaway Starts Today and You Can Win For FREE

As you probably have noticed, Taco Bell has been advertising their contest for the Playstation VR if you buy a $5 box and enter the code for a chance to win.   What you may not know is that you can enter codes for free each day until October 19th 2017.  Here’s how below.   Starting today, Taco Bell is giving away a free online code, which is good for one entry per day. Here’s...[Read More]

Nintendo Is Giving Away 4 Legendary Pokémon In October

Below are the 4 legendary Pokémon you can get before the release of Sun and Moon. Keldeo Lvl 100 (Mystery Gift) Ability: Justified Item: PP Max Moves: Aqua Jet Leer Double Kick Bubble beam Darkrai Lvl 100 (Code- DARKRAI20) Ability: Bad Dreams Item: Enigma Berry Moves: Dark Void Ominous Wind Nightmare Feint Attack Hoopa Lvl 50 (Code- 2016HOOPA) Ability: Magician Item: Smoke Ball Moves: Hyperspace H...[Read More]

Microsoft Announces Two Gears of War 4 Console Bundles

For $349, you can get a white Xbox One S with 1TB of hard drive space, the new bluetooth-enabled Xbox Wireless Controller, and a copy of Gears of War 4.  This bundle will release world wide on October 11th.  You can pre order the bundle in the link below. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/consoles/gears-of-war-4-1tb   The special edition Deep Blue Xbox One S is a 500GB console and comes with...[Read More]

DOOM Get’s A New Title Update

Bethesda has released two new modes and a new patch to fix some issues with the game. There will also be a double XP event starting September 23rd 12pm est until September 26th 12pm est.  Get those guns reloaded and earn those ranks soldier!   The full patch notes for today’s patch are listed below: Multiplayer New Features Deathmatch – New Deathmatch free-for-all multiplayer mode...[Read More]

Xbox One S Has Been Announced

The new Xbox One S will be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and it will go on sale August 2016 Key Features it’s 40% smaller it’s white it comes with 2TB harddrive it supports 4K video it’ll come with a ‘streamlined’ controller and a vertical stand a front-facing USB slot and infrared sensor it’s the size of two Xbox One controllers side-by-side the power ...[Read More]

Microsoft Announces New System Code Named Project Scorpio

At the Microsoft E3 conference Microsoft waited to reveal their biggest project at the end, it was Project Scorpio! The new system has a Holiday Season 2017 release but no exact date has been set as of yet.  They announced that the system will have 6 teraflops of GPU power and will run at 60Hz and will have full 4K resolution. Project Scorpio will also be VR compatible, no known VR is named but it...[Read More]

Nintendo Store Has Refurbished Wii U Systems in Stock

Are you looking to be cheap?  Well you’re in luck, Nintendo is selling 32GB Wii U Deluxe systems for as low as $225.00 and are bundled with Super Mario 3D Land and Nintendoland.  Will you get yours?

New AMD Polaris GPU is only $199 – VR & 4K Ready

AMD Just announced thier new Polaris GPU the Radeon RX 480 Coming June 29th Starting Price: $199 That’s a High-End GPU that will be able to support 4k and VR for only $199 for a single card. You could also run two RX480 units simultaneously, a configuration that managed to beat out NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 while playing Ashes of Singularity. The RX480 clocked in 62.5FPS, while the GTX 1080 re...[Read More]

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