Two Point Studios Announces New Sim: Two Point Hospital

New studio uses old tricks to revive a favorite

Two Point Hospital

After a couple of cryptic tweets this week from Sega, Two Point Studios has finally revealed their first game. Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital–no surprise, since some of the folks who developed the original game are now with TPS. Sega will act as publisher for the release.

Theme Hospital originally released for PC in 1997; a PlayStation port followed in 1998. Part of the charm of the sim comes from the hilarious diseases patients were diagnosed with. (In the announcement video, we find out that the light bulb in the aforementioned tweets was a reference to a patient’s “light-headedness,” where his head actually transformed into a bulb.) With a twenty-year gap and a relaxation of what’s acceptable in video games, expect more laughs with this release.

Other parts of the game are what you would expect from a sim–build and maintain. You’ll create and oversee a hospital, as well as hire your staff to take care of your building’s needs. Financial and billing issues are also something you’ll handle in this take on the genre.

Two Point Hospital will available on Steam later this year; no word yet on if console versions are in the works. You can sign up on the game’s website to get notifications on release date and in-game items. For more information, check out the original tweet and the cheeky announcement video below.


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