The Speedrunning Community just raised $2,261,883.19 for Charity

The Speedrunning Community just raised $2,261,883.19 for Charity

Over the past few years, Games Done Quick has been the spectacle to see for speedrunners, and has always been a big fundraiser for different Charities. This year, of course, was no exception.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Speedrun Community, you’d most likely be aware of the Winter and Summer showcases, Awesome Games Done Quick in Herndon, Virginia and Summer Games Done Quick in Minneapolis, Minnesota respectively. This past week, Awesome Games Done Quick (or AGDQ for short) was held, and certainly did not fail to impress.

The event kicked off January 7th at around noon with a speedrun of the Crash N. Sane Trilogy, and continued non-stop until January 14th at 5 AM with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it’s not like they had a couple games here and there or anything, outside of taking time to clear the room and switch games, the event was 24/7 games.

If you have a favorite game that at least has a BIT of mainstream cred, chances are it was run here. From classics like Ocarina of Time and Yoshi’s Island, to obscure gems like Gex and Bubsy, terri-bad titans like Superman 64 and Deadly Towers, and even newer titles such as Dark Souls 3 and Splatoon 2. In the spirit of the event, there really is a game for everyone.

And now on to the impressive part. Throughout the entirety of the event, there was a ticker down at the bottom of the stream that had a donation goal. From the beginning to the end of AGDQ, watchers were able to visit a link and donate directly to their charity, the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last year, their total was a hefty $2,222,791, and it seemed as though they weren’t going to meet their goal, as by the end of the final stream, they were still around 40k short. However, in a touching turn of events, AGDQ decided to match every dollar spent on subscriptions to their channel and add it to the donation total (which was bound to be a lot, as the channel was set to sub-only chat, and nobody wanted to feel left out). This addition put them over their goal, as they had hit a total of $2,261,883.19 by the end of the livestream.

The new bar has been set, and now we simply have to wait and see if this will be the first year where both AGDQ and SGDQ (which will be held this summer) can both break $2,000,000. If they can, it’ll not only be a huge landmark for speedrunners, but also a great day for charity. Here’s to the amazing work they’re doing, and here’s to many more years of it!


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