Sly Cooper Television Production; In The Works

Sly Cooper Television Production; In The Works

Today I will be discussing a topic related to the world’s most beloved thief. The one and only…. *drum roll please* Sly Cooper! Sly Cooper has definitely been a memorable video game character, and is trademarked by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sly has stolen the hearts of many gamers due to his heroic, funny, and determined persona. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus was released in 2002, and is still relevant till this day. If you are reading this and have no knowledge of the Sly Cooper Franchise, I highly recommend playing the game or watching gameplay of this magnificent game!

The series of games follow up with a Sly’s storyline. Sly had came from a long line of thieves from the Cooper legacy. Unfortunately the evil Clock Work had turned his world upside and destroyed his parents; forcing him to be in a foster home. However, this is where he meets his best friends Bentley and Murray, the future members of the Cooper Gang. Sly and his pals will then set off to an adventure, to rid the universe of the most evilest of villains. Players will be able to complete missions, play mini games, and fight in boss battles in a numerous amount of virtual worlds. The detailed missions, distinct worlds, and characters makes the whole experience feel like you’re a world class thief. Explore and fight for justice, in the eyes of a thief.

The Sly game franchise has never failed to disappoint fans with its incredible gameplay. There are total of four games, three starting off from Playstation 2. Then one being recently developed on Playstation 3, Thieves in Time; which was released in 2013. Witht the secret ending clip at the end of Thieves in Time, it left many gamers and fans with a cliffhanger. The gaming community wasn’t sure if that meant a guaranteed release in the future, or just a tease. When 2014 came along, ONE Media published the Sly Cooper Trailer on Youtube. This production was going to be a 3-D film, expected to release in 2016. This then gave hope to the Sly Cooper fan base, and patiently waited for its release. As the years passed, there was another turn for the worst. The Sly Cooper movie was put on hold due to Rainmaker Studios leaving the project.

Even though there hasn’t been any news on both the movie and Sly 5 game, there has been an unexpected project being developed. Our beloved Sly Cooper will now be receiving his own television show! Technicolor Animation Productions has teamed up with Sony, to work on the Sly Cooper TV adaptation. It will follow the story of the Sly Gang trying to protect the city. The Sly Cooper series will surely be successful on screen, due to its humorous and action packed adventures. There is no official release date or teaser, but it will eventually air soon. Perhaps this will help the production of both the game and movie, but for now we’ll all just wait and cherish this nostalgia coming our way. The Sly Gang will be back in action, and protect the city from mischievous villains terrorizing the universe.

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