SEGA and Two Point Enlightening through Tweets


Sega is turning heads with this mysterious tweet from earlier today:

The only things we know for certain is that Two Point Studios is involved somehow, and that the tweet is referencing a game announcement:

Other than that, nothing. Is the Two a reference to a sequel of some sort, or a simple nod to TPS? And what does the light bulb mean? No doubt a veiled reference to the content of Two Point’s first game as a studio.

Sega certainly has forged a good partnership in dealing with Two Point. Although they’re newcomers as a company, they tout employees who’ve worked on games such as Fable and Theme Hospital. We’re excited to see what this announcement will bring–we just wish we could decipher the light bulb clue. Edison vs. Tesla: Incandescent Edition? Nah, probably not. We’ll update tomorrow after the news breaks.

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