Overwatch: A New Rise Of Heroes

Overwatch: A New Rise Of Heroes
A new kind of gameplay has arisen in this action packed, first person shooter, multiplayer game called Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment has successfully opened the door to a new kind of experience for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. This highly competitive game has so much to offer to fellow gamers all around the world, and most importantly give gamers a chance to become a hero. As the war against the Omnics intensifies, it is up to the players to join forces and fight along the members of the Overwatch team. Twelve players are split up into two teams and must either secure or defend control points in the designated maps, or escort the payload before time runs out. With a growing roster of diverse heroes, each character has their own unique purpose and abilities for endless combinations to create a powerful team.  

Gamers are able to pick their desirable heroes or change heroes at any point during their game to strengthen their team’s chances of winning. Whether they be offense, tank, support, or defense; the team of heroes must be able to work together and defeat the opposing team. As players continue to participate in game modes, they receive rewards to customize their favorite heroes and achieve higher ranks. Online gamers are not just limited to one game mode, but instead have countless options for heroic fun. Whether that be casual play, custom gameplay, competitive ranking, or a variety of fun arcade game modes; the possibilities to play are near endless. Blizzard is constantly keeping the Overwatch community updated with balance updates, more heroes, skins, emotes, the occasional free loot box, and not to mention fantastic seasonal events!

With determination, strategy, and strength; players all around are making a legacy in the Overwatch community. The gaming society come together in competitive league tournaments for teams to battle against each other all around the world. Overwatch continues to stay strong and was considered to be the best game of 2016, accumulating an astonishing 35 million players by the end of 2017. Overwatch appeals to the hearts of many gamers because of its diverse hero characters, amazing graphics, competitive gameplay, detailed story telling, and an overall enjoyable experience. Overwatch is successful because the world could always use more heroes.


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  1. You forget to mention how Hanzo is the best hero in the game and how killed mercy 🤔™️

    • 🤔


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