Fallout New Vegas Review

Fallout New Vegas Review

Fallout New Vegas Review

Written by Andrew Stencil

Fallout New Vegas is a Fallout game from Obsidian Entertainment. The player is a courier and starts off with you being shot in the head by mysterious assailant. When you wake up, you are in the doctors house in a small town known as GoodSprings. He sends you to the local saloon to talk to a local Woman known as sunny smiles. She helps you learn some of the new features in the game that I personally use very often. She sends you to talk to the saloon owner Trudy, who upon first meeting, is in an argument with a convict known a Joe Cobb. You can skip this quest and ask her about the man who shot you in the head. She sends you to primm, the location of the Mojave Express Courier Company. In primm you meet a fellow named Johnson Nash who tells you about the package you were supposed to deliver. He tells you that primm has been overrun by convicts and the deputy Beagle was kidnapped inside the Bison Steve Hotel. Upon rescuing him he gives you a holotape containing the information you are looking for. You then walk to Nipton a small town to the east and up the road to Novac. Nipton was attacked by a Group known as Caesars legion. Novac Is where you will meet Manny Vargas, A former NCR first recon sniper and former Great Khan. You can either help him or go into his room and hack his terminal. You will then learned that the group that shot you was headed to Boulder City. Upon reaching Boulder City, you will meet a man who is a lieutenant for the NCR. Some of his soldiers are being held prisoner’s by the Great Khans, whether you kill them were negotiate a treaty is up to you. You finally learned that the man who shot you fled boulder city and returned to the New Vegas Strip. Upon reaching the strip you’ll come into contact with the leader Mr. House. He will send you to the tops casino where you tasked to kill Benny. From here on out it is up to you whether you help Mr. House, NCR, Caesar’s Legion or Make Vegas Independent by a Rogue Robot known as Yes-Man.

I have logged over 200 hours into New Vegas and have yet to discover everything. There are so many secrets Easter eggs and unique weapons to discover that every time I play the game I find something new. For a game came out in 2010 that 8 years later I find myself enjoying still. Some of the flaws though in this game are its landscape and color scheme. I sometimes find myself wandering around a baron land with little buildings outside of the main city of New Vegas. Also for a fallout inspired game I find it to be too luscious and green. Playing Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 was interesting because there were so many ruined buildings and it had the feeling of actually being a post apocalyptic theme. Fallout New Vegas has the feeling of a Western type game mixed with little fallout-esqe features. I’m not a fan of western games but I don’t let that phase me. What Fallout New Vegas lacks in environment it makes up in Story and game mechanics.

Rating: 7/10

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