Dead By Daylight: Will You Escape Death?

Dead By Daylight: Will You Escape Death?

The evil entity awakens in this horror online multiplayer game, Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight was developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios and released for PC, Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players have the ability to become a merciless killer, or a survivor trying to escape the killers wrath. The gameplay for survivors is ultimately living a real horror film nightmare. In this game the entity calls upon the most gruesome of serial killers to claim the souls of the survivors. Therefore players must either kill or survive; or if you’re unlucky, be killed as a survivor.

Gamers have a chance to pick a character of their choice, and may possibly notice some familiar faces from their favorite horror movies. Some characters are made up, while other characters are taken from popular movies or somewhat similar to them. These characters range from Laurie Strode from Halloween, and other similar characters from Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street. Although these famous characters and killers are DLC add ons, it is definitely worth it to get them because you not only unlock that character; but also another killer and the map it comes with.

Every character has a unique ability, and the four survivors must play throughout the game in third-person, while the killer plays in first-person. The team of survivors must turn on five generators to unlock the two possible exit gates, but while trying to avoid the killers grasp. If a player should be grasped, they are then put on sacrificial hooks spread across the map or basement; to be offered to the entity if not saved by another survivor. A character may have two or three chances to be hooked depending on how far the sacrifice process has been endured. They may attempt to escape on their own, but at the cost of speeding up the sacrifice process and lowering chances of survival. If all fails and there is one survivor left, the escape hatch will open and give the last survivor a chance to escape; only if two generators are completed. Although survivors aren’t allowed to kill the killer, they are able to defend themselves through perks, items, and offerings. Survivors can increase their chance of survival by using flashlights, firecrackers, maps, keys, tool boxes, or med-kits. These items can either be earned or found throughout the designated chests spread out in each map; but at the expense of making noise.

Each killer has their own unique ability and weapon, and can be customized by the player. Players can choose the Trapper, Wraith, Nurse, Michael Myers, Hag, Freddy Krueger, Cannibal, Huntress, or Doctor as their preferred killer for the match. To make things even more of a challenge, the killer can also strengthen their abilities through perks and offerings through the bloodweb just like the survivors. The bloodweb offers perks, items, and offerings when purchased through blood points. Blood points are awarded by completing objectives for both the survivor and killer in every match. Killers can utilize these offerings and perks to decrease survivors chances of survival, making the killer stronger, and even kill the survivor with their own hands with the mori perk. Making the 1 v 4 challenge a little more easier for the killer to get some kills and blood points.

Dead By Daylight provides fun to gamers by adding more DLC characters, seasonal events, and more offerings for players to have some fun in this suspenseful online game. Although game modes are limited, rumors say the production team are possibly creating more game modes for more gruesome fun! When you play Dead By Daylight, you will soon enter the world of evil; trying to escape the entity waiting to claim your soul, again, and again.


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  1. Wow interesting, Sounds like a great game!


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