90’s kids killed Crunchyroll’s servers today.

90’s kids killed Crunchyroll’s servers today.

Every Saturday, Crunchyroll’s servers feel a bit of strain as everyone rushes to their computers to watch the new episode of Dragon Ball Super. However, this week was the straw that broke the anime camel’s back.

After 2 weeks off, Dragon Ball Super returned with a new, action-packed episode. With a show this popular, it’s normal that Crunchyroll’s servers would have some lag. However, another long-awaited revival of a 90’s Franchise, Cardcaptor Sakura, just so happened to make it’s grand return on this same day with “Clear Card”. With both fanbases rushing to Crunchyroll and VRV to be the first to see the newest episodes, it was just too much for their online servers to handle.

So how many outage reports were filed to Crunchyroll? A dozen or two? Believe it or not, over the course of an hour there were almost 100 reports filed every 20 minutes as picked up by only a single report site. Thankfully, as of now the servers are back up and running (for now), but it just goes to show that even a company as notable as Crunchyroll can expect the waves of fans that these 90’s anime have. Now go watch your cartoons while you still can, you weeb!

I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

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