KD and The Warriors Soar Past The Cavs

KD and The Warriors Soar Past The Cavs

It was just last year when the Cavaliers made a historical comeback to beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals.  It was a huge disappointment for the Warriors as they blew a 3 games to 1 lead and looked unstoppable.  During the offseason the Warriors signed the hottest free agent on the market Kevin Durant and the NBA was turned upside down.


So it’s June 1st 2017 and game 1 of the NBA 2017 Finals, everyone is hyped up with this being the 3rd straight year these two teams have met.


In a game that looked as if you were watching a NBA 2K17 video game, you saw very fast paced action with at times very little defense.  Durant went on a tear scoring 38 points and while having zero turnovers in the game while Curry 28 points.  The big difference in the game came from the rest of the team putting up their equal share as well.  The rest of the starters Green (9 points) Pachulia (8 points) Thompson (6 points) and the bench pulled through with a total of 22 points.


On the other side of the ball you had James scoring 28, Irving with 24 and Love with 15 points.  While this looks good for the Cavs, in reality it wasn’t.  The Cavs didn’t get much help at all from starters Smith (0 points) Thompson (3 points) and the bench scoring a total of 21 points.


The final of the game was

Cavaliers 91   Warriors 113

Game 2 is scheduled for June 4th 2017 at 8pm est

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