R.B.I. Baseball Review

R.B.I. Baseball Review

R.B.I. Baseball 2017


What do you need to make a good baseball game? Bats? Baseball? Real Players? Real
Stadiums? Stats? You get the picture?
R.B.I. Baseball 2017 is a trip down memory lane when baseball games were simple to play.
One button for everything and simplistic controls. Having a nostalgia trip is what this game is
suppose to be about. Does it revive the games of old?

R.B.I. has all the stadiums represented in their own special way. They work for what the game
is. All players are represented in very vanilla fashion but that too, also works for what the game
is.. A pure arcade style game that can be a pick up and play type couch co-op game.

RBI baseball does let you do a full season, half season and a 58 game season. It also has a
playoff mode. It does stat your tracks but not as in-depth as Sony’s MLB The Show 17.

Now the big question is “Is this game fun to play?’ Well I have mixed feelings about it. If you are
playing against the cpu then No! It is frustrating as shit… The computer a.i. Is brutally bad… They catch everything, they hit everything and they like to pitch in the dirt way to often.

Scumballnes at it’s finest. Ninety Percent of the time your controls do exactly what you want
them to do. The other 10% will make you want to kick someone out a wheelchair, it can be very
frustrating. Where the games only shine is when playing couch co-op with a family member or
friend. That is when it is the most fun otherwise it is a pretty shallow experience for people that
prefer “sim” type games.

Now I can’t tell you what to buy but if you are looking for that realistic type baseball game then
you might want to skip this. If you enjoy playing against people in your house or with friends that
won’t drag out for an hour then this might be for you. If you only have an Xbox One this will be
your only option till EA decides to resurrect the MVP series. But if you have a PS4 go with MLB
The Show

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