Rocket League Review

Rocket League Review


10 of 10

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game. You race cars around a soccer field with nitrous and can bounce and flip your car to hit the ball. There are a few other game modes too. You can play Hoops (Basketball), or Snow Day (Hockey). There is also game modes to change the gravity in the arena or weight and size of the ball. There is also a mode where you have abilities such as punch, kick, and spikes.

There are many maps to choose from and many unlockables that you earn from playing; designs for cars, wheels, antennae, and different types of paints to name a few. The music is great, lots of upbeat music. Multiplayer is fun whether you play with people you know or just hop into a match. I own this game on PC and PS4 and play it a lot on both. This game is also available for XBOX ONE.

There isn’t really a story but there is a campaign mode. Also I love watching instant replays of the goals. Controls are really easy to learn, standard controls for most car games, jump and boost.

Graphics = 10
Music = 10
Cinematics = 10
Story = 0
Content = 10
Controls = 10
Gameplay = 10


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