Making A Switch To The Future

Making A Switch To The Future

As many have already heard, Nintendo has finally released all those juicy details on their new system, The Nintendo Switch. The switch is a tablet-like system that you can carry on the go, as well as plug into its dock in order to play it as a home console. It’s said to take a feature from every previous Nintendo system and combine it into one, powerful console.They’ve announced that although online gameplay with be free upon release, there will be a paid service requirement for it later in the year. With the great titles that have been announced for release on the Nintendo Switch, gamers waiting in excitement and anticipation. Some of these titles include: Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, 1 2 Switch, and Arms.

A list of titles announced to be released for the Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch also includes a brand new kind of controller, named the Joy-Con controller. Two controllers are included with the switch and each controller has a brand new feature called HD Rumble which allows the controllers to rumble in ways that helps players better immerse themselves into their games. The Joy-Con controllers can be used by a single player by attaching them to the sides on the switch, or separating them to create two controllers so that two people may enjoy playing. Nintendo also teased their fans with news that the game 1 2 switch! doesn’t require players to look at any screen while playing, a completely new concept in the world of gaming.

The Joy-Cons can be combined both with the adapter and with the switch itself to make one controller, or separated into two individual controllers.


Two games that have players hyped for the Switch’s release on March 3rd, 2017 are Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey. Breath of the wild has been shown to be a free roam game where players will get to travel across beautiful, open landscapes, setting out on a brand new adventure in world with stunning detail never before seen in the Zelda series. Super Mario Odyssey is an open world game where Mario leaves The Mushroom Kingdom and, in one of these worlds, takes to the streets in what appears to be a New York type environment on a whole new adventure. The trailer’s ending left gamers surprised as they saw Mario’s iconic hat sprout eyes and come to life. Nintendo did not give an explanation of this, but instead left gamers eager to play and find out as to why the symbolic hat now become a living object. Those who wish to see the trailers to these games can do so at the links below:

Legend of Zelda:Breathe of the Wild:


Super Mario Odyssey:

Mario’s hat springs to life in this brand new, open world adventure.


With plenty of third-party developers working on titles for The Switch, as well as Nintendo setting the release day price at a mere $299.99 and announcing more titles not stated in this article, The Nintendo Switch has fans hyped to enjoy the fun, family friendly gaming that Nintendo has come to be known for. With GameStop and Best Buy having no pre orders left available, anyone can see that the Nintendo Switch will be the next big step in gaming.



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