Warframe Review

Warframe Review


9 of 10

Warframe is a FREE MMORPG set in space. The game starts out with you as a prisoner breaking free and escaping from the Grineer, one of the many species you fight against.
The tutorial is very user-friendly, you walk through and learn how to manuever your character and then pick your weapons one by one and learn how to use them.
It is a 3rd person shooter with loads of customization. The controls are fairly simple to learn, I use an XBOX One controller and only had to adjust a few buttons. You can modify your weapons through pickups you find throughout the missions, you can customize the colors of almost everything.
There are melee weapons as well such as different swords, hammers, and tonfas.
The graphics are amazing, the mission maps are large and have many pickups and pathways to explore.
The music is good, however I play without because it lets me hear when enemies are near.
The story could be explained a little better to the player. The missions make you follow a path of which one to do next to unlock the next planet or place.
There is loads of content to this game between the mods, the missions, the quests that follow the story, crafting items, and mining items throughout the missions.
You can have a party of 4 players in missions. Some of the missions are just killing enemies, others are stealth, and even modes with waves of enemies that progressively get more difficult.

I would compare this game to Destiny or Mass Effect.

Graphics = 10
Music = 7
Cinematics = 10
Story = 7
Content = 10
Controls = 9
Gameplay = 10


Published by – Franklin Earvase

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