Skyrim Special Edition Review

Skyrim Special Edition Review

The elder scrolls V: Skyrim it good is it bad? well in my opinioin yes it most definatley is, i mean how it looks and feels now compared to the older verson on xbox 360 this games had a few changes like the combat style is smoother not many people noticed but look carefully and youll find that the way you attack the weapons swing spells are casted arrows are loosed are smoother and sounds more realistic to me.

Obviously one of the more noticable upgrades to the game are the graphics, now these are amazing even on an older flat screen tv you can notice the dynamic depth of field, and on PS4 Pro the 4K resouloution is amazing as well, and best of all all three DLC packs Dragonborn Hearthfire and Dawguard are on there already free so thats a money saver right there. Back to the graphics tho as well as the depth of field you have the new snow shades and water shades these are most noticable for me i seen a river and straigh away it was just so realistic.

The storylines and side quest are as ever distraction all sides quests are there from the old version which is good i would have liked some new ones maybe even little ones but that doesnt really matter you get to go back to the theives guild mage college darkbrotherhood all the locations you love to visit are all there to be seen in thier new glorious look. And bethseda have out done themselves by bringing this game to the next gen consolse id recommend this game to anyone who asks about it personally i give it 5 stars as its just so entertaining and worth the hours of play time on it.


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