Prince of Persia (2008) Review

Prince of Persia (2008) Review

Prince of Persia (2008)

6 of 10

Prince of Persia is a platormer/puzzle/action game set in a foreign desert land. The game starts out with the prince getting wandering through the desert. He finds a princess who tells him that he must help her heal the surrounding lands to save her father from Ahriman, a dark spirit trapped in a corrupted tree in the center of the game.

The prince must travel with the princess to each place and have her heal the land to weaken the tree. The controls are simple to learn, similar to the previous prince of persia games, however this story is not connected that. The prince does not have the power to rewind time either. The gameplay is fun and enjoyable, but the game seemed way too short. I’ve completed the game in about 6 hours.

The graphics are cell shaded similar to borderlands which gives a different feel to the prince. There are many puzzles to solve and a lot of parkour to navigate through the world. The music was great, getting more intense when enemies were present. The game itself was fun, but it seemed too short and I personally was not pleased with the ending.

Graphics = 10
Music = 10
Cinematics = 10
Story = 3
Content = 7
Controls = 9
Gameplay = 10


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