Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1. What else is there to say? Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the last 2 years. During this review, I will be going over the good, bad, and ugly of this game. After putting over 300 hours into the Beta, Trail, and full game, playing pretty much every day since release, what you will read will be my completely unbiased opinion.
Fun Factor

I still haven’t tired of playing Battlefield 1, the endless options available to you in the Multiplayer allow you to change things up. Tired of sitting back and sniping? Go Assault and blow some things up! Tired of blowing things up? Run Medic and revive the souls who have been blown up by your counterparts. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try your hand at piloting and take part in Air to Air Combat, without worrying about countless lock on weapons shooting you down like in Battlefield 4. There are even Horses available at your disposal and a good Cavalryman is truly a sight to behold.

Don’t overlook the Campaign. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Battlefield has always been focused on the multiplayer aspect, not this time around folks, you will find yourself immersed in in each character’s story, as the game follows Characters from across the war, touching on all aspects of the war. Assault the Italian mountainside as a shock trooper in search of your brother’s unit. Learn to fly a plane and play as a conman of a Pilot and fight the Germans in the air. Gallop across the desert as a sword wielding woman fighting the Ottoman Empire. You will find yourself completely enthralled as the story goes on and delves deeper. I found myself connected with each character.


Words cannot express the sheer awesomeness of the visual concept of Battlefield 1. When you find yourself in the trenches, with explosions, bullets, fire, gas, and blood surrounding you, you will end up like me, almost stepping back and taking in the scene in awe. You can feel the battle raging around you as you fight your way to the objectives, fighting tooth and nail to overcome your enemy. I was impressed with the detail they put into the outside areas of the maps as well. You can see battles raging on as you fight your own. Bullet holes and Craters line the landscape as the battle continue, building collapse and claim the lives of the pour souls hiding in them as tanks and planes bomb a path of destruction. I am sure you will find the eye appeal very pleasing as you get further into the game.


Nothing is crazier than hearing your Brothers cry out as they burn alive, nothing more terrifying than the screams of the enemy nearing closer as they charge you with their bayonet, waiting to pierce it through your heart. No details were left out in the creation of the vast array of sounds found throughout the game, teammates will thank you when you drop ammo for them. You will tell a player you just revived that you got him, even close teammates will congratulate you when you rank up. Where the sound aspect really shines in found within the vehicles of the game. Each ground vehicle has a distinct sound, the planes can be heard flying above, looking for victims. Even the horses whinny when being rode. I found the sounds of the game adding a whole new experience to the battle.


We all know every game isn’t perfect upon release, and Battlefield 1 is not an exception to this rule. There have been countless issues popping up within the multiplayer realm, some that have been going on since release, leaving players feeling DICE doesn’t care about them in the long run. The most common issues found are the “Black Screen”, where you will enter the game, but are met with the map being blacked out, only being able to see objectives and teammates. Going into your video settings and resetting the values will fix the problem, but only if you have custom video settings. Otherwise you are left with no option but to quit the game and rejoin. Another issue is the inability to leave a server after the match has ended. At release, players only had about a 10 second window to back out or be forced to play the next game, DICE fixed that in the first patch, but players have found that trying to quit out after a match doesn’t work and you will be forced to either continue playing, or quit out after the next match starts. The main complaints I have seen from players are about the Battlepack and Medal systems, long gone are the days of unlocking new weapons that you might be used to in Battlefield 4, now Battlepacks only supply skins for weapons, Squad XP boosts, and Legendary weapon skins. The Medal system was drastically changed also, now, you are given 5 medals a week, only being able to complete Medal at a time, in the steps given to you. Every game has issues, but I have faith in DICE to fix these problems, but they don’t stop me from playing the game.

Overall, I give the game an 8/10 rating, if the issues are fixed, and they stop nerfing/buffing weapons in accordance with player’s opinions, I fully believe the game will be in the 10/10 range. I ask you to give the game a chance, take in every aspect offered to you, and don’t fixate on one thing, explore all the possibilities given to you and I look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!

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