(Update) Nintendo Ended Production on The Wii U (Sad News)

(Update) Nintendo Ended Production on The Wii U (Sad News)


A Nintendo rep has come out to say the following

“There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production,” a Nintendo spokesperson told the Japanese website IT Media(translation by Kotaku). The spokesperson also admitted that he or she doesn’t know the specifics of Eurogamer’s article, simply stating that the report on ending the production of the Wii U “was not true.”


It’s been a good run for the Wii U as Nintendo has ended the production on the console this past Friday.  The Wii U didn’t live up to the hype that Nintendo was hoping for, however they did have great lineup of 1st party games and we also saw the release of the Amiibo’s.  Hopefully the next system Nintendo Switch will get Nintendo back on track in the gaming industry with 3rd developers.  Will you miss the console or are you glad the system is burning out and being replaced with the new Nintendo Switch console?


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