Mafia 3 Review In Progress Part 1…No Spoilers

Mafia 3 Review In Progress Part 1…No Spoilers
Finally the highly anticipated open world game from Hanger 13 and 2k games has finally been released to the masses. Today I have spent a good portion of my day playing it and so far I am enjoying it.Without ruining any of the story I will go into very little detail about what I like and dislike about the game so far..
The game is set in the late 60’s and Hanger 13 really showed that they had a niche for it. Everything from the cars, the clothes and the soundtrack are on point. The also did a fine job of creating their version of New Orleans. The game starts off with a warning stating that the developers wanted to catch the feel of the south during that era with the tensions between races of people. And not did they ever.. I never heard a game use the N-word as much as this.
First you meet Lincoln Clay, the main character of the game, fresh home from Vietnam and ready to get into some shit.  And then the game sends you on a prologue mission which seems to last forever, but it does get you use to the controls. About the controls, they use the same format as most open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row but not as polished. The cover system is good until you try to move to another location and then it becomes a game of chance, a chance to see an arrow to move to it or a chance to get shot the hell up. The driving in the game is exactly as you would expect from games like this, very GTAish. Player movement is solid for the most part but the A.I. is stupid at best.
It does have collectibles in it, like album covers, propaganda, art work and playboy magazines from that era. Also wiring boxes so you can build phone taps, building phone taps and adding them to junctionboxes all over the city will open up locations of collectibles and businesses.
The characters you meet along the way are some of the best I’ve seen in games like this. From the father who looks like Morgan Freeman to some of the racket bosses.
The graphics are hit and miss at times. The sunset is beautiful. The rain and water effects are on par to what we want. But some areas of the game are to dark. It can be very frustrating when standing outsideand you turn right and it’s bright and then you turn left and it is dark as hell. The smoke and fog effects Are dismal. The on-screen test reminds me of when The Witcher came out. It is small and unreadable at times. Although the game at times is very pretty it doesn’t have the shine as Grand Theft Auto V does.
But all in all I am enjoying the game. I’ve only made it to the first in my kill list with far more to go. As I progress through the story I will continue with this review.

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