Is YouTube Taking Censorship Too Far?

Is YouTube Taking Censorship Too Far?

Is YouTube going too far with their new censorship policy?


As talked about in the below YouTuber mcjuggernuggets talks about YouTube demonetizing 3 of his YouTube videos just after the policy change.  They demonetized one video that had over 10 million views and even the Phsyco Series Finale video with over 5 million views.  I can understand that businesses wouldn’t want their advertising associated with videos that have fowl language or violence but where do you draw the line between real life and fake?  Boogie2988 had videos of him talking about how he avoided suicide and how it’s not the right thing to do, we’ll they were also demonetized.  So we can’t even have positive views and outlooks on life on YouTube?


What do you think about this situation and their new policy?  Are they going big business or are they protecting advertisers?  Leave a comment below of your thoughts on the situation.

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