What We Expect at E3

What We Expect at E3


We all know E3 is the biggest day for all gamers. It’s what makes us look forward to the coming months ahead.

When we talk about E3 2016, there isn’t much hype for games. We believe there will be tons of remakes.

With a new DLC being released by Activision prior to E3 for a game, it’s obvious there isn’t much to be excited for. However, it sounds like all three major systems are talking about possibly making “new” systems. Xbox, we believe will be the same system just thinner.

The Playstation we haven’t heard much about, but with Nintendo releasing the fact they are having a new system, should tell us something.

Playstation needs to get their act together and catch up.

So, what do you think E3 will be all about this year?

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