New AMD Polaris GPU is only $199 – VR & 4K Ready

New AMD Polaris GPU is only $199 – VR & 4K Ready

AMD Just announced thier new Polaris GPU the Radeon RX 480 Coming June 29th

Starting Price: $199

That’s a High-End GPU that will be able to support 4k and VR for only $199 for a single card.

You could also run two RX480 units simultaneously, a configuration that managed to beat out NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 while playing Ashes of Singularity. The RX480 clocked in 62.5FPS, while the GTX 1080 reached 58.7FPS. (source Engadget)

This is even more exciting with E3 coming up to find out what the next generation of gaming consoles will offer.

For more about the new GPUs check out Anandtech and Engaget articles:

May your frame rates be high and your temperatures be low!


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